General coordination

Márcio D’Agosto – Associate Professor of the Transport Engineering Program (PET), at the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduation and Research in Engineering (COPPE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Coordinator of the Freight Transport Laboratory (LTC) of PET/COPPE/UFRJ. Professional experience at companies such as Companhia Brasileira de Petróleo Ipiranga, SHV/Minasgás S.A. Distribuidora de Gás Combustível and Coca-Cola. Former Director of Transport Planning at the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transport (SMTU) of the City of Rio de Janeiro. Researcher 1A at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Bachelor in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and Master in Transport Engineering at the Institute of Military Engineering (IME). Doctor in Transport Engineering at COPPE/UFRJ (2004). Founder and President of the Brazilian Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IBTS) and research track leader in supply chains at SCALE-MIT. Solid professional experience in sustainability management in mobility and logistics, transport, energy use and environmental impacts, and in future projections for energy use and environmental impacts on transport.

Lino Marujo – Associate Professor of the Production Engineering Program (PEP) at the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduation and Research in Engineering (COPPE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Coordinator the MOBILOG Sustentável Laboratory. Main research focuses include sustainable supply chains, circular economy, urban and reverse logistics, and big data in logistics. Professional experience in logistics and supply chain management at companies such as Votorantim, CSN, Vale, SEBRAE and the academy. Founder and Executive Director of the Brazilian Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IBTS) and research track leader in supply chains at SCALE-MIT. Bachelor in engineering (UFF), BSCM certificate (APICS), Master in technology and operations (CEFET-RJ), Doctor in Naval Logistics (COPPE/UFRJ) and Post-doctorate in Logistics and Transport (MIT).

Business Advisory

With the purpose of transforming urban logistics through the integration of different actors/stakeholders, SCAMBO develops projects of consultancy, mentorship and content, while structuring unique, innovative and adherent solutions through collaborative, multi-disciplinary and non-trivial approaches.

Paulo Oliveira – Engineer (USP), graduate in Administration (FGV) and Logistics (ILOS), +20 years of experience in supply chain management, national and multinational companies. Experience as researcher at Centro de Logística FGV (2016-2018) and as World Bank consultant for Urban Logistics (2015-2017). Professor in the MBA Program at FGV since 2012.

Marcos Alberici de Mello – Naval engineer (USP), graduate in Administration (FGV), +20 years of experience in supply chain management and in development of people and groups. Experience as consultant and executive at national (Integration Consultoria) and multinational companies (Ryder Logistics, Dupont, Unilever and Coca-Cola Femsa).

Content Advisory

Since 2013, it supports companies of all sizes, national and multinational, of all sectors, at the main business centers of Mercosur by creating strategies, improving management, the cultural organisation, providing technology with valuable innovation and supporting them in reaching high performance. We offer a personalized service while also being committed to the results of the companies by acting on business processes, so that it becomes simpler, and with the best practices in terms of management, so that the performance is improved and growth happens in a sustainable way.

Ricardo Melchiori – General Director of Voticare Solutions, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (IMT – Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia), MBA in Management and Environmental Technologies (Politechnical School – USP), e especialização in Transport Management (FGV-SP), Foreign Trade Operations (FIPE-FEA/USP) and Distribution and Transport Management (IMT). 30+ years of experience in management of projects and logistical operations of transport, storage and industrial handling in sectors, such as: automobile, agribusiness, petrochemical, technology, consumer goods, mining, transformation industry, and in the development of technology projects applied to logistics.

Member Companies

Diego Antunes Campos – EHS Manager in SNO and Marketing

Bruno Gabriel Loschiavo de Freitas – EHS Analyst in SNO and Marketing

Adèle Braz Magalhães – Supply Chain Excellence Sr. Manager

Adalberto Maluf – Director of Marketing, Sustainability and New Business

Patrícia Peres – Marketing and Sustainability Supervisor

André Luis S. Santos – Labor Safety Manager

Márcio José da Silva – New Business and Projects

Patricia R. da Silva – EHS / Project Coordinator

Rennan Carsten Laurentino – Operational Director

Rodrigo Duarte – Transport and Logistics Development Manager

Diego Grippa – National Transport and Cologistics Manager

Laercio Oliveira – Manager for Safety, Health and Environment in Supply Chains

Sofia Cristina Benedicto – Specialist of Safety, Health and Environment in Supply Chains

Evando de Lima – HSE and Quality Coordinator

José Roberto Neves Filho – Commercial Director

João Pedro de Lima Moura Mattos – Administrative Director

Gustavo Henryque Neves – Operational Director

Alexandre Luiz Berni – W&T Excellence Manager

Allan Marques Dias – W&T Excellence Senior Analyst

Beatriz de Sá – Social Responsibility and Sustainability Coordinator

Eder Silva – Transportation Manager

Camila Garcia Neves – Senior Environmental Protection and Safety Engineer

João Gabriel Figueiredo de Lima – Logistics Security Coordinator

Eduardo Garrido – Commercial Director

Carlos Ferreira – Sustainability and SSMAQ Coordinator

Katia Malta – Responsible for People Management and Administration

Jonas Guimarães – Responsible for Operations and Traffic

Fernando Valiate – Head of Operations & Digitalization

James Demarchi – Head of People & Culture

Fernando Avelino – Project Analyst | Human Resources and Sustainability

Marcel Guerrero – Marketing & Communication

Luis Felipe Altimari – CEO

Andreia Bordin Vendramini – Supplies / Sustainability Coordinator

Paulo Caffeu – General Manager

André Rossetti – Director / President

Renata Faria – Marketing Supervisor

Ricardo Melchiori – Technical Council

Everaldo Carlos de Campos – Occupational Safety and Environmental Engineer

Sandro Roelli – Customer Service Manager

Thiago Malagodi – Customer Service Analyst

Fabrícia Morais – Communication Advisory

Patricia Acioli – Corporate Relations of Scania Latin America

Priscila Nogueira Cardoso – Product Manager

Rogério Segala – Head of Product Management

Marcelo José Marques – Commercial Manager

Gisleide de Oliveira Stahl – Administrative / Financial Supervisor

Felipe Marçal Cota – Commercial Director

Fernando Barroso Silva Pires – Logistics Manager

Leandro Gerken Leal – Commercial Manager

Ana Carolina Vater – Senior Environmental Engineer

Diego Marques da Silva – Senior Transport
Planning Analyst




Supporting institutions

Brazilian Association of Transport and Logistics of Dangerous Products

South American Association of Equipment Manufacturers for Vehicular Emissions Control

National Association of Freight Transport and Logistics

I love Trucks

Federation of Freight Transport Companies of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Federation of Freight Transport Companies of the State of Minas Gerais

Brazilian Panel on Climate Change

SAE Brasil

Union of Freight Transport Companies of the State of Minas Gerais

Union of Freight Transport Companies of São Paulo

Smart Freight Centre

Union of Road Freight Transport and Logistics Companies of Rio de Janeiro

TruckPad – The app that connects truck drivers to the freight